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Storm Roofing & Repairs

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Storm Roofing & Repairs

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Welcome to Storm
Roofing & Repairs Ltd

Storm Roofing & Repairs Limited is a reputable roofing company based in Croydon, Epsom, London and Surrey. Our team of qualified roofers have a wealth of experience and skills to ensure that every roofing job is completed to the highest of standards.

Our roofers always strive to leave every roofing job undertaken proudly. This positive attitude towards our work has helped us gain a fantastic reputation for being trustworthy and professional roofing contractors and throughout the rest of our working locations throughout West London and surrounding areas.

Our team provide a range of domestic roofing services throughout Epsom & Croydon Accurate free roofing quotes and friendly consultation will always be available to our customers on request.

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  • All Roof Repairs
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  • Roof Cleaning

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    Emergeny Roof Repairs

    If you discover that the unthinkable has occurred and your roof has become damaged, you should call our expert, specialist team as soon as you can. Once we’ve taken your call, we will come to you without delay, whereupon a member of our team will survey the damage and determine the best course to take to secure your property.


    Premium materials for your home

    We survey each project thoroughly, quoting confidently, providing a clear and easy-to-follow breakdown.
    We cover every layer and structure with roofing, whether its a full build right through to a roofing repair.

    Wooden Frame

    Roof framing depends on the type of roof you want.


    Loft insulation is a barrier of material within your roof space.

    Eco Insulation

    Secure your roof from the elements.


    Slate is one of the longest-lasting roof materials, sometimes lasting more than 100 years.


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    Recent Works

    At Storm Roofing & Repairs Limited we cover all types of roofing work, no matter what size of the job we will take care of it from start to completion. Please take a look at some of our recent completed jobs below.


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    Storm Roofing & Repairs Limited has an exceptional reputation with glowing reviews across the board.
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    Gutters, Fascias & Soffits

    Generally people do not know what fascias and soffits are. Your fascia board is the long, straight board that runs along the lower edge of the roof. The soffit board is tucked away under the fascia board.

    Gutter Cleaning Services

    Gutter cleaning is rarely considered, as it’s generally out of sight and out of mind, however a blocked down-pipe can lead to relatively serious consequences which usually is followed by a hefty repair bill.

    Roof Cleaning Services

    Roof cleaning is an important process which not only transforms your property, but protects the roof from damage and prevents the possibility of a whole roof replacement at only a fraction of the price.

    New Roofs

    When choosing your new roof you may want to consider a couple of factors as the type and colour of the tiles can enhance or spoil the appearance of your house. If your home is terraced or semi-detached, you may want to consider matching with the neighbouring roof.

    Roof Repairs

    Roofing may be damaged due to natural causes such as bad weather, regardless of why, a damaged roof needs to be repaired to repaired to prevent further damage.

    Flat Roofs

    A Flat roof is low maintenance, relatively low-cost roofing solution which can be suited to a range of applications. There are now modern products which offer an extended lifespan and increased durability.


    Our Latest News

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    Roofing are fact make Easier 10 Reason

    Roof ake type specimen book survived notte five centurieslso the leapinto electronic are when anunknown print theyaery ook…

    Reason Why Roofing are factmake Easier

    Roof ake type specimen book survived notte five centurieslso the leapinto electronic are when anunknown print theyaery ook…


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